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Enermax is an energy solutions provider staffed by highly trained, experienced professionals.

For over 40 years our principals have been involved in the energy sector and have been responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and operation of state-of-the-art gas turbines, steam turbines, low speed and medium speed diesel power stations and station extensions. These are some of the largest and most sophisticated power plants in the Caribbean, and have operated with high efficiency and outstanding reliability.

In renewable energy we have designed and installed a wide range (5KW to 150KW) of residential and commercial Solar PV Systems, in Barbados and the Caribbean.

Our Principal is author of the book “SAVING ENERGY AND MONEY” and has conducted energy conservation seminars and assisted customers throughout the Caribbean.


We are committed to improving the environment by the provision of highly efficient energy producing equipment, renewable energy and the implementation of energy conservation measures.


We design, develop, finance, build, own, operate and maintain energy projects . We can also provide turnkey solutions with finance if necessary, for customers who prefer to operate and maintain their equipment. Whether it is traditional generation, renewable generation or combinations of these, we have the experience and skills to provide excellent solutions for your business.

Our business models are flexible and can be designed to meet the customer’s needs. We are comfortable in partnerships with companies, utilities, individuals, governments, equipment suppliers and other developers, provided that there are clear mutual benefits to be gained.

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